With prescription drug use on the rise, many seniors are worried about keeping track of their various medications. To combat this problem, here are 3 reasons why you should only use one pharmacy. 

Decrease Risk of Unintentional Drug Interactions

Pharmacists can only see the prescriptions they fill for you. By using one pharmacy, your pharmacist can access your full list of medications to provide you with a complete look at drug interactions, potential side effects, and even recommend safer medication options for your specific health conditions.  

The World Health Organization found that medication errors are dramatically reduced when patients use one pharmacy. In fact, research has shown that filling prescriptions at multiple pharmacies is linked to potentially harmful drug-drug interactions (DDIs) and lower medication adherence.

Personalized Care

Visiting one pharmacy allows you to become familiar with your pharmacist and provides them with a better understanding of your health condition. This way, they are able to routinely review your medications and easily notice if any aren’t working properly. 

Knowing the pharmacists at your local pharmacy can also make you feel more comfortable asking questions about your medications and health conditions, which can help prevent complications in the long-run. 

Additional Convenience

Lastly, filling your prescriptions from the same place is simply more convenient. You can save so much time picking up your medications in one location as opposed to having to visit multiple places. 

While taking multiple medications at the same time puts you at a higher risk of forgetting to have them filled, your pharmacy might be able to send you medication reminders or automatically refill your medications so you only have to pick them up once a month at the same time. 

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