When it comes to medical issues in the United States today, mental health treatment is becoming increasingly prevalent.

More than 40 million Americans are currently battling some form of mental illness, and this number is only expected to grow. However, people today are more comfortable talking about their mental health issues in discussions, and it is through honest conversations like these that we can build a (more) healthy country.

Let’s take a look at how behavioral health can benefit Americans and why it is so important to break down existing stigmas.

What is Behavioral Health for Seniors?

Behavioral health is a medical strategy that promotes the treatment of mental illnesses and substance abuse disorders in a compassionate environment with medical experts and individuals with similar experiences.

While these programs are available to people of all ages, American Seniors are one of the largest demographics needing this care, as more than 15% of seniors are reported to be dealing with a mental illness.

Silencing the Stigma

For decades, mental health issues were not properly understood by the general public and were sometimes viewed as failures in a person’s willpower. Children were raised on the idea that they needed to “toughen up”.

These beliefs are not only scientifically wrong, but they can cause great harm to a child’s self-esteem and can worsen existing mental health issues. While being “tough” is an admired quality, it’s also important to be comfortable discussing feelings and knowing when to reach out for assistance with mental health concerns.

We believe in providing quality care to all who need it, and we are dedicated to breaking down these stigmas and building a better, more compassionate future.

Reaching out for Help

Reaching out to your community of medical professionals is a big step on your journey to better mental health.

At Sana Behavioral Hospital, we focus on assisting patients and caregivers to better understand their mental health challenges;  we offer treatment that supports a patient to attain their best level of function in the midst of their challenges.

All patients, in collaboration with their family and caregivers, are treated with a step-by-step process that helps patients to improve upon their strengths. Together we strive to find the best ways to minimize the impact of mental health challenges in living up to one’s best potential.  If you’re a senior or the caregiver to a senior, in need of help to address a mental health challenge give our team of medical professionals a call today at 928-227-3424 in Prescott, AZ.